3 Proven techniques to drive visitors to your eCommerce site

You have a fantastic product that is streets ahead of your competitors and your website looks and functions superbly, but where are your customers? You were told when you started this online business that you would have your pick of the bunch, but they’re nowhere to be seen. Follow these three proven techniques to increase visitors to your site and, with the right optimisation, your sales will increase.

#1 Send free samples to Instagram influencers

Shopify reported last year that Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social platform, and it is quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing channels for consumer brands. Instagram is a great way to drive awareness of your product especially if you carefully research your influencers. Perhaps you’re selling a new range of running kit. Start your search by identifying popular accounts that could feature your product. You can do this through a site called WEBSTA, a site that catalogues popular Instagram hashtags and users. Check out WEBSTA Hot too, which features the hottest hashtags right now. Once you’ve identified your influencers, reach out to them for details of where to send your product – remember you’re selling to them, charm them, let them know you’re a fan of their posts; make sure your product is packaged perfectly alongside some key information on where to buy it, what the features are and why they should promote you.

#2 Set up a highly targeted Facebook ad

Over the past few years you have probably noticed an increasing number of changes taking place across Facebook. Not only do your organic business posts get less engagement, but you’ll often find even your paid advertising is having little effect on your website traffic. But, don’t give up on this vast source of customers just yet! With really focussed definition of your target audience through interests in Facebook Ad Manager, you will drive relevant traffic to your site for a fraction of the cost. Use the Facebook graph search to identify highly targeted Facebook interests to insert into Ad Manager. For example, if you are selling skiing holidays search ‘Pages liked by people who like Crystal Holidays and Neilson’ Pick out a number of key pages to insert into your Ads Manager interests.

#3 Write targeted blog content

Blogging not only improves your SEO, but it strengthens your position as an expert in your industry. A discerning customer is ultimately more likely to buy from you if they can see you know what you’re talking about. Blogs are a chance for you to delve deep into your industry and give advice to new customers, they are also great opportunities for your current customers to share this content and to rave about you (without you having to bribe them with free products or pay for advertising!). Choose a subject that is useful to your customers, pepper your text with engaging imagery and share your blog across your social media channels and email. And, most importantly, be a source of information and sell in that order – we can all see straight through a long-winded sales pitch!

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