How to Find Keywords for Natural SEO Using Google AdWords

January 10, 2018

In today’s digital market-place it is very easy to download one of the thousands of tools that will give you estimates of the sort of keywords that may be used by your customers to find you. But how do you know? In addition to this, how accurate are the SEO Tools' keyword traffic estimates?


In this blog, we will examine:


  • How to find the most accurate search volume for specific keywords

  • How to test for the best keywords to optimize your campaigns AND your website


Although all the free or paid-for SEO Tools are great, their search volume estimates are only that, estimates. There is also the elephant in the room regarding the tool's accuracy in terms of exact match, phrase match and broad match, they are “past” estimates in most cases, and not nearly as accurate as Google AdWords. 


In addition to these SEO Tools', inaccuracy, the source itself, Google and its Keyword Planner will only give you very broad estimates unless you have an active Google AdWords paying account. 

So, if you're lucky enough to have a live, enabled and paying account in Google AdWords, you need to know where to find the most accurate data. This lack of quality data has been gradually increasing over the years, and many of us in the SEO world saw it change even more drastically last August, when you had to have a live account to even get some quality estimates of actual search volume. So do excuse me if this is something you already know but, for those who don’t, follow the steps below to get quality exact match, phrase or broad match estimates using Google Keyword Planner while you are logged into an enabled Google AdWords Account.


  1. Login to your Enabled Google AdWords Account

  2. Go to Tools on the very top main menu bar

  3. Select “Keyword Planner” from the drop down

  4. Scroll down to the blue Icon “Plan Your Budget & Get Forecast”, selecting “Enter or upload a list of keywords to get forecast” and paste your keywords in this space (doesn’t matter what phrase match they are at this stage).

  5. Click on the blue button to Get Estimates…

  6. You are now on the “Performance Forecasts” page.

  7. Add a bid price into the box, e.g. £5 and click in the Enter Daily Budget box (no need to add a figure in there).

  8. Click on the folder tab “Keywords” to see the table of keywords below the graph

  9. Click Match Types (just above the table of keyword), select all, change match type to “phrase”.


Note: You can change each keywords’ match types to get the best selection of match types for each keyword, depending on price, how many clicks and position of advert compared to price.


  10.Pay attention to the “Impr” column (this is the number of impressions for the range you       have selected (date range is selected at the top right just below the big blue button “Save to Account”. Now keep adjusting the phrase match while looking at the “Impr” column.  Fun eh?!


This is the best information you can get for specific match types for specific phrases – without having to start advertising using these keywords, but to know which are the best keywords for your business, in terms of conversions and performance you can start a small test campaign (we’ll get to that in a minute). Essentially the data you get here in the estimates is very very useful, it will tell you search frequency for exact match compared to broad match – so it will tell you how many people search exactly for “red shoes” rather than “size 6 red shoes” or “red shoes uk” or “why I don’t like red shoes”?!


  11. IMPORTANT: Change your Bid Price, to see if it improves your estimated ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) detailed along the top of the graph (you may need to press the scroll button on the right/hand side of this data to show ROAS) and bingo, a proper estimate of ROI with all the data on exact recent search volume data!!


You’ve now got a great list of exact, phrase and broad keywords! If this sounds too technical and you're still wondering where to start, give us a call to discuss your SEO needs.

If you would like an informal chat about helping you achieve your marketing goals, feel free to telephone us on 0044 1273 321897 or drop us an email at








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