3 common mistakes made by eCommerce start-ups

Millions of small business owners across the globe have spent time, dedication and much of their hard-earned money creating fantastic products that have the potential to go far online. The digital world is a vast ocean of customers ripe for the picking, but several factors hold start-ups back from taking the plunge and really capitalising on the revenue that’s right at their fingertips. Here are our top 3 mistakes for digital start-ups, do any of these sound familiar to you? If so give us a shout, we'll be able to put you on the straight and narrow.

#1 You Don’t Define your Unique Selling Point

The online world offers a vast array of new customers, but with that comes tonnes more sellers that you’ll be competing with. Ask yourself some key questions when defining your product or service features:

1. How do you stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from others?

2. What benefits does your product provide over other sellers’ products?

3. So, what? The features YOU find important may not hold any weight #2 You Don’t Optimise Your Website for Mobile

Time spent on mobile screen by hours in the day increased from 0.4 hours per day in 2010 to 2.8 hours per day in 2015 and that number just keeps on growing. Shoppers are becoming more impatient and MUCH more discerning about the sites they visit on their mobile or tablet. If your website isn’t optimised for either device, chances are you will have lost the sale before your home page has even loaded. Invest in your website, it is your store front and will be the difference between making it or breaking it online. Optimise for mobile and for multiple browsers, and test, don’t take your website builder’s opinion as gospel.

#3 You Don’t Set up Google Analytics

You have an optimised website and you have a product or service offering that is streets ahead of your competitors. Ever owned a shop? Did you have the contact details, purchasing background, consumer behaviour, hopes, fears and everything in between of every customer that ever walked through the door? No, I didn’t think so! The digital world is like no other, you have massive amounts of data literally at your fingertips. There are many tools out there to collect and analyse data. If you’re just starting out though, Google Analytics will give you useful insights for free. Analyse HOW your customers find your website, WHERE they are hanging out on your website and so much more. And use this information to continually improve your sales funnel and optimise your website for more sales. Just sign up and use the simple getting started guide.

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