Email Marketing 

Travel & Leisure industries receive the highest Email Marketing open rates at 57%. 

Despite mixed opinions on the reputation of email marketing, its direct approach, right to the inbox of your customer or potential customer, and the fact that it achieves very favourable engagement in travel and leisure industries, means it is a marketing channel that should not be overlooked. 

If you’ve been operating for some years, chances are you have an email database of customers who have purchased from you. Engaging with these contacts should be significantly easier than selling your concept to a ‘cold’ audience. 


Describe what you offer here. add a few choice words and a stunning pic to tantalize your audience and leave them hungry for more.

Informative, engaging content and promotions

Email marketing should strike a balance between providing informative content that enhances the customer experience, much like in SEO, and notifying customers of offers and promotions that could be an incentive to buy. We find that positioning yourself as a ‘travel partner’ in email marketing gives fantastic engagement rates, the challenge is then converting clicks into conversions. 

There are many considerations when putting together your email marketing strategy. We focus on these throughout the process and can offer consultative advice on how to tackle your email marketing, or indeed work with you to implement a strategy on an ongoing basis. 



Zappi Clothing 

Not for profit Italian cycling brand giving back to youth cyclists

ERV International

Award winning winter sports and cycling travel insurance business

Strategic data collection 


The first consideration is data collection; if you have a small list, or you’re a start-up, putting in place a data collection strategy will be vital to build your contacts. There are many ways to do this including producing lead generating content and implementing lead capture on your website. We assess the most appropriate method and either guide your through or manage the implementation.

Proven high-impact email templates

The second consideration is branding; to build trust with your audience you must be professional, consistent and have good attention to detail. We design a suite of email marketing templates that follow your brand guidelines and are proven to deliver clicks.


Email marketing strategies based on sales, seasons and product development

Having built a solid foundation for email marketing, we’ll work with you to create a strategy that is shaped by sales trends, seasonal shifts and product development so that it delivers return on investment and works in a complementary way with your other marketing channels.

Review, optimisation and personalisation

The most important part of email marketing is ensuring that content, design, send-times, list segmentation, opens and clicks are monitored and optimised so that you continue to receive value for money through all campaigns.
We have a team of email marketers who have rolled up their sleeves in the past and seen results within email marketing agencies, in-house and for larger marketing agencies. They love nothing more than getting carried away talking subject lines and call to actions – contact us today.



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