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Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages


It has long been said that, in SEO terms, content is king. Despite numerous developments in search and in digital marketing, the fact remains that producing relevant, engaging content is still important. Your content should not only communicate the right message about your product(s) and your brand to your customers in their language, but it should enhance the customer journey.

We create content that has personality, we talk to your customers rather than SHOUTING AT THEM! We’ll help you create personas for the people you want to reach and messaging that talks to their hopes and desires, that way people feel like they’re getting a personal experience, that’s when you’ll start creating loyal customers and, with a little bit of help, ambassadors.

Our travel writing background

So, why are we qualified to write on your travel, leisure or fitness business? Well, in our past lives both directors have worked in the travel industry for well-known gym brands and many ski holiday companies. After that, we worked agency-side on travel clients, and since then we’ve written for travel insurance brands, ski companies, and fitness facilities from start-ups to multi-million-pound businesses.

Our love of all things health, leisure and travel goes beyond work though, our office in the French Alps, and our HQ in Brighton are truly inspiring places for us to write, and they give us all the creative content we need. We snowboard, we ski, we run, we play rugby, we can’t sit still.

Why should we write your content?


Unlike pure freelance content writers, we’ll be able to support you in the whole process of content writing from an SEO, a brand and a marketing point of view. We won’t look at a piece of content in isolation, we’ll think about how it could link to a broader campaign and give you advice on how to do that.

If you’re struggling to find the words, or you’re just out of time, contact us to talk all things content writing, we love a chat.



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Review and improvement every step of the way


We work with you collaboratively throughout the process to ensure you are happy with the direction of the marketing strategy, and that you have sufficient resource within the company to carry out marketing campaigns in-house. If you don’t, we’ll act as an extension to your team, submerging ourselves in the business, rolling our sleeves up and managing the campaigns daily.

The key to any successful marketing project is progression; it is imperative that your marketing strategy delivers return on investment. We set up comprehensive analysis and review tools, so that we can monitor and report back on your marketing campaigns.



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